Women empowerment is one of the preferred topics around the globe for conferences,
symposiums, TV shows and events and it is genuinely a great opportunity to meet and
discover incredible stories of women with high potential in any industry, from hospitality to oil & gas field, from entertainment to medical field, from piloting or stewarding to military.
Ana-Maria Simion and Ioana Al Bada are two ambitious women who succeeded building their careers from the scratch, coming from the same educational background (Economics) but working in two different industries, Oil & Gas and Hospitality. Their work-experiences and Know-How’ motivated them to develop their own project, co-founding the company HIT HIGH EVENTS & ADVERTISING AGENCY and setting up a team with inspiring goals and vision to create unique concepts of events.

HIT HIGH EVENTS & ADVERTISING AGENCY is also known for introducing and launching the unique concept event WORLD FASHION FESTIVAL AWARDS (WFFA) in DUBAI (UAE), a platform that is combining ART | BEAUTY | CULTURE and FASHION beautifully under one umbrella, dedicated to raising the diversity and profile of worldwide fashion designers, writers, painters, local and international artists and industry professionals heading to Dubai for receiving Middle East recognition and appreciation of their efforts, outstanding talent, hard work and achievements. WFFA is a Symbol of a new ERA not only in the fashion world but at all Cultural and Intellectual Levels.
As for future plans, the agency has the vision and mission to achieve worldwide recognition by introducing World Fashion Festival Awards in the major cultural and fashion cities around the globe, on four continents. And not only by doing it, but by ensuring it’s being done with high level of responsibility, dedication and passion.

Who says 13 is not a lucky 🍀 number? 😁🥰🥳

When you do things with passion, dedication, discipline and perseverance, it is absolutely impossible not to achieve your goals! 🎯

WFFA (World Fashion Festival Awards) has proudly been announced by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021 (New York / Season 13) as the selected and appointed WINNER 🏆of the category:


We would like to GREET AND THANK to the entire Organizing Commmittee of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the distinguished award which is a recognition for all WFFA teams’ efforts, work,
dedication, passion, sleepless nights and high dreams to achieve and annually organize a unique concept of ART, BEAUTY, CULTURE and FASHION at the highest level of quality and performance!

Today in Dubai, …and soon going on Tour around the World! 🏆🥰🙏