Product Launch

World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai is honored to have been the place where #HBN_Cosmetics – the 1st U.A.E Make-up Brand owned and designed by an Emirati woman HIND BIN NAISER was officially launched!

World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai is honored to announce HIND BIN NAISER – HBN Cosmetics The 1st U.A.E Make-up Brand by an Emirati with the awaited Official PRODUCT Launch of “Hind Bin Naiser HBN Cosmetics” by Hind Bin Naiser – highlighted in an exclusive logo expressed by a mix of old and modern culture, owned and designed by an U.A.E local woman. The brand identify can be summarized by our exclusive logo a mixed of old and modern culture, unique which covers full range of makeup with exclusive new packaging design having Arabic touch and fulfills the requirement of Arabic make up. HBN Cosmetics has ability to target women between 20 to 50 years .HNB Cosmetics belive that UAE Local brand will be a unique brand and will recognized by local women’s in the UAE then in GCC and Internationally.“ We believe that all women no matter her age should feel beautiful, trust themselves , the image of this project is to embodies the image of our clients , a luxury , high –end and unique make up line for women with a passion for beauty.”

World Fashion Festival has the honor and pride to announce the 👉#OFFICIAL_CREAM_LAUNCH
in the Middle East and U.A.E – Miracle Peel by Hollywood Image Maker Rashel Pouri

Ms. RASHEL POURI. An amazing opportunity has arisen to partner the Hollywood Image Maker Rashel Pouri.Rashel is bringing a touch of Hollywood to Dubai with her world re-nound product Miracle Peel. The product is used by countless ‘A’ list celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Lisa Edelstein, Traci Bingham , María Conchita Alonso, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek and Vivica Fox etc are clients of Rashel. The product has been televised on the Doctors show in the USA on both the East and West coast. Rashel has had many great achievements with her hard work throughout her life. Rashel has thousands of followers and councilors.

Rashel Miracle Peel Extra Strength Formula, as seen on Dr’s show,
refines and rejuvenates the skin to give your complexion a healthy and radiant appearance without fine lines, large pores, dark spots and breakouts, kojic acid, derived from bitter almond, removes dead skin cells to improve the tone and texture of the skin. Willow bark extract acts as a natural astringent to tighten and reduce inflammation.

Multi-Awards Winner in Beauty since 2002 such as:
– Academy Award
– Emmy Award
– Writer Guild Award
– Hollywood Reporter
– Sundance Festival Award
– Global Award

Stay Forever Young with Rashel’s Miracle Peel!

In the Expo Area and on the stage, as the passion and aromatic innovation under the Product Launch of the stunning Purity Perfumes.

Purity Perfumes Factory by Mr.Mahmoud Al-Affendi.Purity Perfumes factory is company for industry perfumes & body lotion & hair mist & body spry established in DUBAI 2020.Our guide line Presenting the perfumes industry in an innovative way that meets the tastes of dreamers with innovative scents in our laboratory and among our specialized experts. We also offer international courses in the perfume industry for those who have a passion. Passion and aromatic innovation are the main driving force of Mahmoud Al-AffendiMore than ten years of experience in the perfume industry and trade. “Perfume is the feeling of life”