During our festival in different seasons of this amazing journey we had the privilege’s to have near us amazing writers and artists with their amazing’s work of arts, books and paintings.

MEET OUR INTERNATIONAL ARTIST – MIOARA COROZEL CHERKI World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai Season1, where the art brings color and inspiration. Mioara is a Romanian – French artist.She grow up during the communist era of Romania, but after the Revolution she left her country and lived in many other places as Italy, Greece, Switzerland, France and India before settled in UAE.Her work deeply expresses her transnational identity and a life made of departures, with the absences that they imply. Her spiritual experience in India allowed the act of painting to evolve from a hobby into an urgent necessity of expression.After three years only in Emirates, she is now well know into the local emergent artistic movement.Her constant participation on art exhibitions both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai but also to some international events, great her with recognition of her work:- Best Creative Artist of World Contemporary Artists 2017 Award – Hong Kong – Finalist Best Regional Solo Artist with World Art Dubai 2017- The Big Picture 2016Her work was expose in :- Solo exhibition with Twofour54- The Space Gallery in 2015- collaboration with the French Cultural Institute for a collective exhibition in Abu Dhabi last year – Alliance Française this year for her first Solo exhibition in Dubai. Unnumbered collective art exhibitions and art performance , but what she likes the most are her own moments of solitude when creating and expressing through painting, ceramic or contemporary mosaic.As an autodidact artists she’s curious about everything linked to art so she participates at many kind of conferences on history of art and philosophy ( auditoriums to the Sorbonne. Paris – Abu Dhabi) and workshops : Arabic design and calligraphy, illuminated techniques, mosaic and ceramic.

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World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai season 2 have the great honor to have one of the most talented Italian painting artists attending the festival with 2 extraordinary paintings, Rodica Benintendi.
Rewarded in her credo towards genuineness by an artistic shelter and sense of belonging in Surrealism as the unvitiated expression of our most intimate nature, Rodica Benintendi dedicated her exhibition a 12 works narration focused on an imagery to our earthly-spiritual duality.

Rodica’s brush is praised for mastering by the subtleness of transparency, ethereal contrasts gracefully embracing insertions of gold leaf in a signature technique submitted as a reminder of the celestial nature we’re destined to awake
To quote Rodica: “For many of my works, I’ve chosen surfaces and relief lines as a complete touch. For me, this genre depicts a space of freedom, nonconformity and uniqueness. I’ve aspired towards technical performances and a signature brush in all of my works with a message of sonority in contrast to my apparently-introvert inner structure.
Though a dreamer, I wouldn’t want to want to persist in a sole artistic formula, thus continuing to explore new manners of expression, to permanently transmit emotions in all possible shapes.
I am far from exquisiteness, however what I do helps me feel alive, intense, deep, improved as a human being. The formula is simple, blending a gift with ambition and practice, focus and desire to reach another dimension.
I’ve dared to dream and I humbly admit I haven’t said everything yet.
Perfection doesn’t exist????? Either way, I am searching for it.” .

WFFA season 3 has the honor to announce the extraordinary participation of Thomas Salamonski, a marvelous Austrian painter and photographer! Thomas is a contemporary painter, born in a family of artists – his mother, uncle and grandfather painted – and as such he played and worked with pencil and paper from a very young age. Thomas is presenting at the WFFA his latest works in the exhibition series “Squared Faces”, after being launched with a great success in Vienna in the Designer store “Dress code Lach-Filip” as part of a vernissage and subsequent exhibition to a broad art-interested audience. Each piece of art shows a portrait whose color style reminds of the graffiti and pop culture of the 80’s but at the same time makes the viewer think of sacral stained glass.


With the occasion of the celebration of the “50 YEARS of UAE”, the fourth edition of the first combined ART, BEAUTY, CULTURE & FASHION International Event World Fashion Festival Awards SEASON 4 took place last weekend on the 28th-30th of October 2021 at Sofitel the PALM Resort & SPA Hotel Dubai under the Motto “50 Fashion Shows for 50 Years Anniversary of the UAE”.

Ena Azevedo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) who showcased her paintings for the first time
in the UAE, after she decided to relocate with her family from Sarajevo to Dubai.

Ena Azevedo is 32 years old full time fine artist and an engineer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. During her 15 years long carrier as an artist, she had numerous exhibitions. Ena had three solo exhibitions and five collective exhibitions. Her very first exhibition took place in Sarajevo when she was only 17 years old. She participated in international and national competitions during her studies and won 9 out of 9 art competitions. In 2019, she organized the first art event of its kind in the Balkans region in Sarajevo, together with her colleagues, artists from different branches (musicians, modern and classic ballet dancers, creative makeup artists and hairstylist) made one night show where they showcased their work in a very different and unique way. During her academic years, she was a founder and leader of Arts Club, where she gathered artists from different branches and carried out variety of interesting projects. It is important to mention that she owned her own art gallery in the heart of Sarajevo and she lived in a few European countries, before she decided to experience life in the Middle East with her husband and son. Ena is about to present her artwork for the first time in Dubai at World Fashion Awards and she is very proud to be part of this magnificent event.

Stefano Avalis (Italy) a graduate of the Comics Academy in Torino, who fell in love with
the paintings in oil and decided to showcase his art-portraits during the event.

He got involved in drawing comics at a very young age and around the age of 18 he started making portraits. With a diploma in graphic designer, he choosed to attend the “Comics” academy in Torino where he attended a three-year illustration course and where he discovered a technique that he got inlove – paintings in oil. All the canvases that he will bring for our festival are made in oil!

Mystique by Nadiya Albishchenko (Ukraine) who presented her unique art of ecofriendly and natural home décor (100% natural bio-degradable, ocean friendly, recycled materials) to highlight her love for the environment.

Artist Nadiya Albishchenko .Born in Mykolaiv – Ukraine, March, 19, 1983 under the Russian communist regime, experiencing the formation of a new Independent democratic Ukraine with a dream and determination to form her own international company one day.To learn more about her voyage, thoughts and the drive that got her from being an ordinary child in a middle-class family to a successful entrepreneur she is authoring her very first book “Synergy: A synopsis into an elite business partnership” expected to be on sale by mid of September 2021. Shares her struggles, experiences, what made her kept going to finally being a Successful Entrepreneur, A model, An Author, An Artist and how now she has climbed the ladder to help build a strong business alliance. An excellent read on self-mentoring and motivation. Mystique – One of the reasons we love nature so much is our inherent connection to the outdoors and to the natural elements. Choosing materials that resonate with your personal style is the first step for bringing them into your home. Choose natural elements that incorporate your style and connect you to your inner self. Decorating your home with Mystique, an eco-friendly and natural home décor is a great way to showcase your love for the environment. Mystique is not only sustainable, but also made 100% Natural Bio-degradable, ocean friendly, re-cycled material making each piece unique and one and only in the world. Feel the privilege of owing one or gifting it to someone that matters. Mystique – A class by itself!

Cornelia Steckhan (Germany) who is a multi-present artist in the UAE with paintings displayed in most of the important hotels and galleries in the Emirates, predominantly in Dubai.

Cornelia Steckhan Horn – Corky Art Conceptual Artist Featured Artist from Munich Germany. Cornelia Steckhan Horn is a Romanian-born German artist who residents in Munich – Germany and Imperial Beach – California. Cornelia lives and paints in Munich, Germany and Imperial Beach, California. The German artist’s seemingly simplistic paintings reveal an incredible sophistication expressing her emotional experience versus physical reality. Starting late in the world of art after a successful business career, Cornelia’s paintings depict her subjective emotions and responses that arise from her personal experiences. She has made a massive impact on the art world in a short time with her expressionist paintings. She created and applied a New Painting Trend of Cosalien (Cosmos+alien) (Patent protect exists)The term futurism comes from the Latin futurum (future). The artist breaks with everything she sees as obsolete and traditional. She tries to set a new art trend. According to the futuristic artist, “art” is supposed to correspond to actual life rather than to reflect the past. Imitation of the past, whether as a theme or a motif, should be avoided, since it does not correspond to the originality and the time appropriately. Futurism frowned upon the old beauty ideals and sought “its” beauty ideals in speed and dynamics, cosmos, alien, futurology, science. On the other hand, if we look at their new images, we see a completely different cosmos. It is a cosmos in unfolding, in constant change, an open cosmos of infinite diversity. Cornelia travels extensively, absorbing art and architecture from the various cultures. She is a Conceptual Artist abstract painter and photographer inspired by color, pattern, texture, and light. She is not committed to a genre. A lot of ideas and concepts growing in her mind. For example, the protection of the environment and wildlife, universe and aliens, faces and eyes, landscapes and many others. Thoughts she takes from her travels and brings them with every stroke of her brush to the canvas. With great success and recognition in California, Cornelia also taught to paint for the elderly and for children, even for autistic kids. It gave her pleasure to see with what eagerness even handicapped children were at work. She had many exhibitions in Imperial Beach, Coronado, two times at Little Italy Art Walk San Diego, The In Gallery of Irina Negulescu San Diego, Murietta – California; Phoenix – Arizona – USA; Following successful showings and exhibitions in Ensenada – Mexico; Bogenhausen, Down Town, Olympic Park Munich – Germany; Bucharest – Romania; Florence – Italy; Calpe – Spain; Hambantota – Sri Lanka; Burj Khalifa, Armani Hotel – Dubai (wining the Global Art Award for Coceptual Art ) – United Arab Emirates; Again in Florence – Italy; Palm Jumeirah Island, MGallery Retreat Hotel – Dubai; New York City – USA; Rome – Italy; Monte Carlo – Principality of Monaco; Milan – Italy; Bad Toelz – Germany; Finalist in The 2nd Global Art Awards Palm Jumeirah, Hotel FIVE Penthouse – Dubai; Kolkata, West Bengal – India; Onboard the ship Queen Elizabeth II – Dubai; The second time in Hambantota – Sri Lanka; Siam Hotel Belek Turkey; Dubai and Umm al Quwain – UAE; And once more in Calpe – Spain.“I love to share my imagination and feelings through my paintings, and I am inspired by everything I encounter on this incredible journey of life.My paintings are not finished and fixed, they change to the same extent as the thoughts. When they are finished, they continue to change according to the mood of the viewer. I do paint the things as in my flow of thoughts, not as I see them.”Cornelia Steckhan is proud to get many awards and recognitions e.g.: – Featured International Artist, San Diego, California, USA, February 2014- Master of Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy, May 27th 2016- Winner of The Global Art Awards Conceptual Art, Dubai, November 17th 2017- Leonardo Da Vinci International Prize, Florence, Italy, January 20th 2018- Master of Modern Art, New York City, USA, April 27th 2018- Giulio Cesare Award, Rome, Italy, July 7th 2018- Int. Award Caravaggio Great Master of Art, Milan, Italy, December 7th 2018- Guest of Honor at Athari Fine Arts Center during Samarchita “Alluring Festivity of Authentic Arts” at Habitat School, Umm al Quwain, UAE, November 23rd 2019