During our festival in different seasons of this amazing journey we had the privilege’s to have near us amazing writers and artists with their amazing’s work of arts, books and paintings.

It is a great honor and pride to announce the #OFFICIAL_BOOK_LAUNCH in the Middle East and U.A.E. of Dr. Monica Mergiu’s book “WOMEN & ART” which will take place during the World Fashion Festival Awards Season 1.The book “Women & Art” is an extraordinary journey where amazing women artists (from the GCC Countries) – true Ambassadors of ART – showcase their passion and experiences for Beauty, Culture, Art, Fashion, Significance and Quality!This is A UNIQUE Opportunity to MEET, GREET & get an AUTOGRAPH from the amazing writer Dr. MONICA MERGIUat the Book_Launch & Press Conference on April 7th 2018 at Palazzo Versace Dubai

World Fashion Festival Awards a concept by Hit High Events& Advertising Agency, is ready to open a new Portal to a marvelous Path on 2019.A great Journey in the Name of International Communication , Cultural Friendship and Dedication to Ancient Heritage , History and Intellectual Values. Fashion is a colorful Rainbow with a rich palettes of Symbols. Dubai is not just a modern, cosmopolitan place, but the Central Point of Cross Cultural Messages between people and nations.World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai welcomes the Portals to Intercultural Exchange, presenting the brilliant Art Catalog of the German Author Dr .Monica Mergiu, as Homage to the Saudi Royal History and Heritage.World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai is a Symbol of a new Era not only in the Fashion World, but at all Cultural and Intellectual Levels.BOOK LAUNCH – “POWER and GLORY OF SAUDI MONARCHY – A MAJESTIC TREASURE UNVEILED” Author Dr .Monica Mergiu

World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai 2019, Celebration of Fashion & Art. Literature is the most beautiful expression of Feelings, Emotions and Visions. Literature is about Changes and about Exchanges in terms of Culture, Beauty and Human Values. Our World Fashion Festival Awards is dedicated to its beliefs and together with the Special Guest, German Author, Writer Dr. Monica Mergiu, united in the same Spirit of Cultural Exchange will bring for all Art Lovers and Readers the marvelous book ROYAL ENCOUNTERS- WOMEN & ART, a literary Journey with beautiful Encounters and Surprises. The Gulf Countries are a real Oasis for eyes and soul - Monica Mergiu's book presents a large, colorful interpretation of different personalities, female artists of GCC - real Ambassadors of their countries in the World. WFF offers the beautiful chance to the visitors and readers books lovers to meet the Author and the subjects of the book building a Cultural Dialog about social issues, cultural background and Literature in our Life. 

WFFA SS19Dr. MONA AL MANSOURI 🏆Lifetime Career Award 🏆and 📖 Book Launch of “Golden Kaftan” by Dr. Monica Mergiu for the extraordinary Dr. Mona Al Mansouri, such a blessing, honor and privilege to celebrate ART, CULTURE and FASHION at the same time in one unique opportunity driven and widely recognized by HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS SHEIKH OBAID BIN SUHAIL AL MAKTOUM!

PREMIERE U.A.E – World Fashion Festival Awards have the honor to announce as the premiere BOOK LAUNCH of “BLUEBELL” signed by our International VIP Guests – MARIA ELISA COELHO and GUSTAVO ANNECCHINI #MARIA_ELISA_COELHO Journalist. Researcher. Writer. Restless. In love with traveling. Maria Elisa Coelho is the Director of Talents of the Oroboro Entertainment, an agency that represents and commercializes the career of diverse personalities like Rafael Cortez, Zeca Camargo, Adriane Galisteu, Leilane Neubarth among others. As a writer, alongside her partner Gustavo Annecchini, presents her first novel, Bluebell, to the market. His passion for words comes from long standing and is also in the blood. Maria Elisa Coelho carries with her the responsibility of printing in Literature a trajectory of success and inspiration as the legacy to the world by her uncle, the incredible writer, Paulo Coelho.#GUSTAVO_ANNECCHINI Publicity with Post Graduation in Psychoanalysis and Human Sciences, Gustavo Annecchini is the Director of Attendance of the Oroboro Entertainment, talent agency of which he has been a partner for 10 years along with Maria Elisa Coelho. His 20 years of artistic management allowed his career to travel through Music, Theater, Dance, Fashion, Events, Cinema, TV, Advertising, Photography, Literature and in many other segments of the Creative Economy, having already performed with great names like Sonia Braga , Miucha, Rafael Cortez, Zeca Camargo, Luiz Fernando Guimarães, Matheus Nachtergaele, Mel Lisboa, Fernanda Montenegro, Ami James, Milton Chen, among others.In Literature, Gustavo Annecchini launched his first novel in 2010, “Homem Santo” by Editora Multifoco. The book tells the true story of an aspiring monk who travels to Portugal in search of religious life and ends up discovering the dark side of the Orthodox Church of Portugal, Spain and Brazil. Along with Maria Elisa Coelho, Gustavo brings to the public his second novel “Bluebell”, this time, written to four hands. We cordially invite you all to join us during their Book launch “BLUEBELL” and to Meet & Greet them on 29th & 30th March 2019!

WFFA has the great honor to announce the extraordinary participation of famous writer Jassim Al Khazraji, author of book “Your Dream, Zayed”!The Emirati Author is definitely a patriot lead in his creations and writings by his strong Emirati identity. He immensely love his Land, Heritage and Ancestors being totally dedicated to the Golden History of Emirati old times and modern times at once. Jassim adores to write about United Arab Emirates not only as his home and birth place, but more because of his pride of being part of the generation educated and protected by the Legendary Historical Personality His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founder of the UAE and eternal Prince of the Emirati Heritage. Dr. Monica Mergiu (Multi-awarded International writer from Munich / Germany):👉 “About Jassim, the author of the book ,,YOUR DREAM, ZAYED” I must confess, as a writer myself and big fan of Sheikh Zayed legendary figure, I love the book, I love the stylish content and more than everything I love and respect the talent and dedication of the author Jassim Al Khazraji.I am an artist and a writer but at the same time I am a promoter of cross cultural friendship bridge between countries and nations. I consider that books are the best ambassadors of Peace in the world. This is the reason why I love to promote and publish in Germany the book of Jassim; because, thanks to him as an author and writer, German readers have the chance to understand in better way the personality of the new Golden Emirati Generation, born under the protection and support of the greatest personality of Arab World Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Jassim Al Khazraji is maybe a new name for the German book shops and libraries but soon he will become a Star of Books.”

WFFA is extremely honored to announce the extraordinary participation at WFFA FW19 of MR. RAOUF MAFTAH, one of the greatest artists of our times from the Field of ART – Member of the MONEGASQUE NATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PLASTIC ARTS FROM UNESCO AIAP Raouf Meftah is a Calligraphic Artist born in 1976 and a multi-awarded artist who has exhibited in Tunisia, Egypt, France, Italy, Dubai and Monaco. He has won the 1st Prize Golden International Prize Contemporary Art 2019 al “Queen Art Studio Gallery”, 3rd International Prize of UNESCO 1999 and the Prize of the Arab League Alexandria EGYPT 1999.His love for ART and for discovering ART STYLES build his wealth and is transmitted through his works. His calligraphy is the fruit of this richness that challenges us. His calligraphies are unique, associated with other artistic techniques that touch the heart and attract the public eye thanks to a perfect harmony between Eastern and Western artistic techniques: they create a universal art where everyone can identify and interact with these creations. The absence of the text in several calligraphies does not detract from the story told by each of his works. His amazing artworks are a perfect marriage of curves and colors, a story that hides another story in every detail and every ornament, so can we discover several episodes. In the same table, often well-hidden, the artist finds the right way to interact through his work, enabling an open invitation to watch and admire his calligraphy with the heart, rather than with our eyes. In another way, the calligraphy, for him, is a soul and a spirit as the painting is the fruit of the imaginary… The dialogue with his work conveys us in a different dimension of time, much further than the limit of our imagination. Mastering both techniques is like defining a soul to an imaginary world. This is how he challenges us and builds his own unique style.http://WWW.ARTMEFTAH.WORDPRESS.COM

WFFA is extremely honored to announce the extraordinary participation at WFFA FW19 of Mr. Darren Timms and his new Book ” The Journey Back To Self “#DarrenTimms writer and a qualified RSCI life coach, NLP practitioner, hypnotist and counseling psychologist who specializes in helping others become their greatest version. Based in the UAE, where he has a successful practice as well as being a regular contributor to lifestyle magazines in the area. Darren has an insatiable appetite for life and applies his infectious energy and tremendous knowledge to every client. His expertise comes not only from books and coursework but from his rich, real-life experiences which he draws upon to make sense of why we do the things we do and what to do about them.“ Have all your tomorrows become a copy and paste of all your yesterdays? Then perhaps it’s time for you to embark on a journey back to self.” Allow Darren to be your friendly guide and show you how to release yourself from your everyday dilemmas, while move freely into enjoying today, allowing you to relish a brighter and more fulfilling future. On the way, you will discover how to replace dysfunctional routine patterns with fresh new rituals that have positive outcomes. You will swap erroneous beliefs, false perceptions and unrealistic expectations for actions that reignite your passion and zest for living each day to the full. It takes time, rethinking and patience to get there, but Darren shows you how to break down the self-imposed barriers that have prevented you from becoming your most fabulous version and how to care for your physical, mental and spiritual health. En route to rediscovering your self-worth, happiness, success and love, Darren delves into the programs of the unconscious mind to eliminate negative stories and limiting beliefs, as he teaches you to be accountable and responsible for every action and arising consequence. Setting off on an adventure of self-discovery, exploring your inner being and releasing your full potential is bound to be the most glorious adventure of your life. Don’t forget to follow him : @darrenjontimms👆2h :35 BBC Interview👆read it

The premiere launch of “The Investigation of Cyber Crimes” by SuperSix Jus SRL (Romania) that has enhanced us to activate our awareness and preparedness for cyberattacks and crimes, a subject so actual to our daily lives.

The premiere launch of “The Abraham Accords” trilogy by Alain Vidal (USA) who has dedicated his book to the Father of the Nation Zayed and the 50 years Jubilee of the UAE.